We believe one of the best ways to educate a community is through its kids.

Which is why we created the "Green Our Communities" Fundraising Program for K-12 Schools and Youth Non-profit Organizations.

By providing sustainable and green products, the kids will become educated on the importance of being good stewards of the planet, and raise money for their school/organization at the same time.

Through this program, the students will deliver "Green and Sustainable Living" directly to their neighborhood doors.  


Welcome to the "Green Our Communities" FUNdraising Program

With the "Green Our Communities" FUNdraising Program we are greening our communities one fundraiser at a time! You won't find any cookie dough, pizza, or candy bars here. What you will find are items that will help sustain the planet, reduce your carbon footprint, and even help you save money in your home. 

By purchasing our products you will be keeping waster out of landfills, waterways, and even your body. You will also be supporting our younger generations and encouraging them to be good stewards of the planet. Aftre all, you're leaving the planet to them ... let's help sustain it. 

Join us today and help make your home and community more sustainable and eco-friendly. You don't have to worry about going to the store to purchase energy efficient light bulbs or smart Powerstrips. They'll be arriving at your door from the youth in your own neighborhood real soon! 

Contact Lisa at Kaizen Renewable Energy to get started. 

Call 877.462.1798 ext. 5 or 
Email [email protected] 

How could your school and community benefit from implementing a Green Fundraising Program?

We can assist you with the following: 

  • Creating a green team to include student, faculty, and staff.
  • Creating a recycling program for your school.
  •  Designing and installing a renewable energy system of wind, solar or a hybrid system for your school.  The system may be used to offset the energy usage at the school, and educate the students about renewable energy sources at the same time. This program would fit perfect in any school's science and technology program.
  • Need help designing your curriculum, let us assist you!  

Contact us to explore how your school can benefit from hosting a Green Communities Fundraiser.

Call 877.462.1798 ext. 5 or

E-mail [email protected]

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